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Product description

The Typhoon is the quintessential coin-op, media-based simulator ride. Sit side-by-side and experience a ride like never before. Motion, wind, and high-quality movies will have guests craving for more!

Ranked #1 top game and ROI generator by operators for 67 months in a row

RePlay Magazine, July 2017

The Typhoon is a great system for all locations because it appeals to all types of players, young or old, man or woman. Whether they are being immersed in a fantasy world roller coaster ride or driving an authentic high-speed race car, the reaction is the same across the board – sheer fun, and delight! With up to 2G’s of simulated acceleration and up to 400 movements per second, it’s an experience to remember!

Ranked #1 top game and ROI generator by operators for 67 months in a row

RePlay Magazine, July 2017

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Footprint under 40 square feet
Length: 87” (2.21m)
Width: 67” (1.70m)
Height: 76” (1.90m))”

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Air Fighter

Ready to pull some serious G’s?
Pilot your futuristic air fighter as you dodge explosions and dangerous terrain. You must chase and fight the enemy’s mysterious and elusive robot craft. But remember to cover your wingman.

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Canyon Coaster

Jump on board of this breathtaking roller coaster adventure! This exciting travel will take you in the canyons and caves of the American South West. Ready?

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Christmas Ride 6D

When Santa Claus invites you to a ride though snow-covered mountains, you cannot refuse! Hit the slopes of this wild, icy and thrilling ride will give you chills!

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Dino Safari

Welcome to Dino Safari! Your jeep is waiting for you to take you on an unique travel in our dinosaur reserve. Ever thought about contemplating a giant Diplodocus and the terrible T-Rex? Your dreams become true durung this journey though the jungle!

Alert, alert! We have a security breach!

Will you be able to escape before the dinosaurs attack? And don’t forget: keep your arms (and legs) inside the vehicle at all times!

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Haunted Mine

Embark on this creepy and scray ride through an old broken-down goldmine. Haunted or not, this adventure will leave you breathless!

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Jett and Jin

Meet Jett, a young boy with a wild imagination, and Jin, his cat. When Jett builds a jetpack and embark his awkward friend in the air after missing his schoolbus, nothing happens as expected! On the highway, through the city and its underground populated by strange creatures, follow Jett and Jin in their crazy adventures!

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Lost in Fear

Will you dare coming on this ride?
You’ll face your worst nightmares: spiders, zombies and monsters hide everywhere in this scary forest. Escape on an abandonned roller coaster but be carefull you don’t fall!
This 3D/4D roller coaster ride is perfect for Halloween!

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Safari Adventure

Join the endangered species rescue team and stop the illegal capture of the star of the film, a baby Rhino. Watch as the baby Rhino discovers new friends and finds himself in peril when poachers trap him! Set in Africa, with the beautiful Savannah as the backdrop, experience the unique animation and life-like animals, all while chasing the poachers and protecting the animals in this thrilling adventure through the wilds of Africa!

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Speed Coaster

Welcome to Speed Coaster! You will begin from our satellite station on a mysterious far-away planet. Board your custom-designed rocket powered coaster to tour our installations and explore the outside surroundings areas. Be aware of potential encounters with native life, secure your restraints and be sure to keep your hands in the vehicle at all time!

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Speed Race 6D

Did you ever feel a powerful kart engine in G-Force acceleration?

Race through buildings, obstacles and spectacular paths and feel the adrenaline in your seat!

Concentrate, breathe and never look behind: each turn may be fatal!

Welcome to the craziest race in huge city!

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Steam Speed

In the hell of a steam locomotive race, two enraged teams are fighting for the first place. Who’s gonna win this mad and dizzying rush?

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Wild West Mine Ride

Jump aboard this wacky ride though the Wild West and help the clumsy Sheriff and his trusty steed to chase a callous bank robber! Will the bungling duo survive the runway mine cart ride and bring the bandit to justice? Hang on to what you can!

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Typhoons have a high customer satisfaction rate in the industry.

I bought my first 8 years ago and we still buy Typhoons today. I can always count on Triotech for exciting new films. The content really makes Typhoon the top earner every year. Thanks Triotech!

Warren Asing, 50th State sales

Why Triotech?

They call us the rebels of the industry. And quite frankly, we take it as a compliment. For us, every project is an opportunity to challenge the status quo.




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